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R. Forgan & Son Driver

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R. Forgan & Son

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This club is  a persimmon socket head and  finished in a  Rosewood stain, across the crown is wrote Morris Wallace Glasgow in the strike line also no3 and”L”, the Lead back weight is securely in position, the face lines have been re-cut also a Fibre insert on the leading edge held in position with 3 wooden peg, on the Shaft is stamped R.Forgan & Son selection St.Andrews.  Research tells us that Robert. Forgan & Sons St. Andrews. Forgan became club maker to HRH the Prince of Wales in 1863 and used the prince’s plume of three feathers as his mark. He was primarily a wooden clubmaker and is thought to have assembled and sold iron club as early as the 1860’s. Forgan’s used “King’s Crown” mark when the prince became King Edward. A son, Thomas (1853-1906), took over the firm after his father’s death in 1900. This Club is in good playable condition with the original Grip and Wax coated thread use for the whipping then finished with Shellac to protect it from any bag damage that may occur. Please note: All our Clubs have been fully restored by a professional restorer of Hickory Golf Clubs;

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