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New Canvas & Leather medium size carry bag with four pockets & rain hood


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These bags are made to order so there would be a delay in shipping, but we will endeavour to get your order to you ASAP. UNFORTUNATELY, WE CANNOT OFFER A LOGO SERVICE ON THE BAGS.

Product Description

A new 1920’s style canvas & leather golf bag to carry a set of 8 to 10 hickory golf clubs. The quality of this bag is exceptional using high grade canvas material, tan leather and quality metal trimmings having a brass appearance.

The attention to detail in order to make this bag look authentic is excellent, please view the various images. The colour of the canvas is dark beige (Khaki) which co-ordinates well with the tan leather.

There are four large pockets to hold all your required items when on the course. On the front of the bag below the rain hood the main pocket measures 9” (23cm) x 6” (15cm) and is closed with a zip fastener. There is another slightly smaller pocket placed on the front of the large pocket measuring 8” (20cm) x 6” (15cm) which is also closed by a quality zip fastener. On the front of the smaller pocket there is a leather tee holder for 5 tees.  The large flap covers the zip fasteners and the tee holder and his held in place by a strong strap with a metal buckle.

At the rear of the bag there are two pockets. The top pocket measures 14” (36cm) x 5” (13cm). The bottom pocket measures 9” (23cm) x 5” (13cm). Both are closed by a zip fastener.

The hood when not being used can also carry items such as clothing. A large flap with two strong metal studs holds the top section in place with a leather strap and metal buckle securing the hood to the side of the bag. When the hood is required to be used as a rain cover it is opened by releasing the two metal studs and the zip fastener.

The carry handle is made from leather and the padded shoulder strap is made from both the canvas and leather. There is also a leather handle at the base of the bag to help lift the bag when necessary or hold on to when carrying the bag.

Leather fitments are in place to hold an umbrella and side re-enforcements help to prevent the bag from collapsing.

The top opening has two leather club dividers to help keep the irons away from the woods. The oval shaped opening measures 6” (15cm) x 3.50” (9cm).

The inside of the bag is fully lined with a soft brown material, plus the inside of the hood to help keep your clubs in good condition. The rear of the hood flap is also lined with the same material and the pockets are semi lined.

The thick black rubber base is protected by four large metal studs when stood on a hard surface.

The length of the bag is 34.25” (87cm). When the hood is used this extends the inside measurement to 50.25” (128cm). The outside width is 7” (18cm).