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Mixed Set (M)


1 x Bronty Executive Putter

This club has a scored Line face pattern, across the crown is the mark of Bronty Golf, the sole has a full wrap around Copper plate held in postion with 5 Brass screws and is stamped Executive Putter, MADE IN ENGLAND the shaft on this putter breaks down into three parts for easy transport if Necessary and screws together with machined Brass fittings.


T Drummond Jigger

1 x T Drummond Jigger

This club has a Dot punch regular pattern. Stamped Jigger, Special, Guaranteed, Hand Forged, Tom Drummond Aberdeen on the back.


1 x Mashie

This club is of a unknown maker and has a Scored Line face pattern and stamped Mashie Special, Warranted, Made in Scotland and signed J Bremmer.


1 x James B.Halley Mashie

This club has a Dot Punch Regular face pattern, with the mark "Crossed Swords" of James Halley, Stamped "L", MASHIE, Hand Forged and Special.  Research tell use that James B.Halley & Co London, Halley's was a retailer and relative latecomer to the golf business.


Product Description

This set of clubs only comes with the clubs mentioned above and does not come with any golf bags, accessories or clubs that are not listed above but are shown in the image.