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Mid -Iron


Kroydon Co

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This club has a Scored pattern with the design of a Golf ball in the sweet spot. Marked J 7, “KROYDON”, Forged and on the sole of the club is Stamped 25 degress Mid-Iron.

Research tells us that Kroydon Co Newark, New Jersey, not much is known about the original Kroydon Co, except that it first started doing business in Maplewood, .J. about 1919 and moved to Newark shortly thereafter. In more recent times, Kroydon was purchased by the Ram Golf Company. Kroydon iron sets came with many unusal face scoring like “J” series with its circular golf ball pattern and the “U-5” with its unique brickwork design. Other Kroydon irons can be identified by their blade angles (such as 40 degrees stamped on the sole of the mashie club).

This Club is in good playable condition with a new Grip and Wax coated thread use for the whipping then finished with Acrylic to protect it from any bag damage that may occur.

Please note: All our Clubs have been fully restored by a professional restorer of Hickory Golf Clubs; it/they will arrive with a Tarnish Guard to protect it from the damp air which will allow it to rust, and should be replaced after cleaning.

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