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Burke Golf Co Mid-Iron 2

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Mid- Iron 2


Burke Golf Co

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The face has a Dot punch regular pattern. Stamped with the ” Hand Held Scales” stamp also marked an oval with BURKE NEWARK.O.,Playrite, 2 Mid Iron RANGE 175 YDS ,Warranted,Hand (Stamped) Forged,  Research tells us that The Burke Golf Co. was founded in 1910 by William Burke and originally produced buggy whips and golf shafts.  The ownership of the company has changed several times and in 1945 the name became Burke Golf, Inc.  In more recent years, Faultless and Rawlings have each been owners of the Newark facilities.  Burke used dozens of marks.  Older Burke catalogues show that the company made and sold a wide variety of golf items besides golf clubs.  They first were a maker of golf balls, but then supplied through the Worthington Company of Cleveland.  Burke also imported Mills Aluminium Putter heads from England and Nicoll Iron Heads from Scotland which they then shafted in Newark. This Club is in good playable condition with a new Grip and Wax coated thread use for the whipping then finished with Acrylic to protect it from any bag damage that may occur. Please note: All our Clubs have been fully restored by a professional restorer of Hickory Golf Clubs; it/they will arrive with a Tarnish Guard to protect it from the damp air which will allow it to rust, and should be replaced after cleaning.

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