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Tom Morris

Hickory Golf Supplies stock a comprehensive range of Old Tom Morris Hickory Golf Clubs which are available for shipping worldwide. Old Tom Morris was golf’s first true superstar. He won four of the first eight Open Championships and made some of the most famous Hickory Golf Clubs ever used. He finally stopped competing in the Open at the age of 75 and Old Tom died aged 87 in 1908.

He was an apprentice to Allan Robertson as a ball maker and also partnered him in doubles tournemants across Scotland. Their most famous victories included one against the Dunn brothers over three courses in 1849. He and Robertson quarrelled over the introduction of the guttie ball and Tom Morris moved to Prestwick in 1851. He was brought back to St Andrews as greenkeeper by the R&A in 1865 and was later made professional, a title he kept throughout his life. He opened his shop in St Andrews in 1867 and Tom Morris fast became known as one of the most famous Hickory Golf Clubmakers in the world.

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