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St Andrews

Hickory Golf Supplies stock a comprehensive range of St Andrews Golf Company Hickory Golf Clubs which are available for shipping worldwide. The St Andrews Golf Company is widely recognized and is the only golf club manufacturer at the original ‘Home of Golf’ and they remain one of the last Hickory Golf Clubmakers in the world. Retaining the traditional skills to hand craft playable sets of hickory golf clubs they have cemented themselves as the gold standard of Hickory Golf Clubmakers. The St Andrews Golf Company also offers a unique opportunity to see how Hickory Golf clubs have been made for over 600 years since golf was first played on that famous course.

The rich history of the St Andrews Golf Company dates back to 1881 and they remain the last Scottish Hickory golf club manufacturer around. This was the result of major consolidation that has gone on in the Scottish industry. They are also home to three of Scotland’s most famous hickory golf club making brands: George Nicoll, Tom Stewart and of course the St Andrews Golf Co.

All of our Hickory clubs have been fully restored on site. With an extensive range including mashies, niblicks and mid-irons, take a look at what we have to offer.

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