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Hickory Spoons Golf Clubs

Hickory Golf Supplies stock a comprehensive range of Hickory Spoon Wood Golf Clubs which are available for shipping worldwide. A Spoon is a Higher-lofted wood; equivalent to the modern day 5-Wood club, the golf clubs were primarily used throughout the 20th century.

There are many different types of spoons including the “baffing spoon” which was a higher-lofted version and would be most similar to the modernt 7-wod club which is used for when golfers need to loft the ball higher and on a steeper angle. Previously the spoons were identified by their shape for example the “long-nosed spoon” was named due to the clubhead being longer from heel-to-toe and more angular at the toe end.

In the pre-20th century the wooden-headed club was used within the teeing grounds. The wooden spoon offered an alternative for the longer shots in which the ball may be down in rough.

Hickory Golf Supplies stock a wide range of vintage clubs from world renown club makers such as Tom Morris and Auchterlonie. All of our Hickory clubs have been fully restored by a professional restorer of Hickory Golf Clubs. With an extensive range of different club types including mashies, niblicks and mid-irons, see what we have to offer.

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